Four ways to love yourself better

The past few weeks, I’ve been discussing the importance of self-love. In “To the Person Who Bullied Me”, I talked about how we need to treat ourselves with respect. In “Don’t forget to love yourself too”, I talked about how we should love others, but we need to love ourselves just as much. Check them out if you haven’t already! 🙂

When I came up with the idea of this “3 part series”, I knew I had to include this third post. I can write a billion blogs on why self-love is a crucial element in anyone’s life. I can write about my personal journey with self-love, I can write about the causes of low self-esteem and a lack of self-love. But I believe the only thing that will truly help people love themselves in a better way, is by sharing the tricks I use.

These four tricks have worked wonders for me, but I cannot guarantee they will do the same for you. Try them out, but don’t get frustrated if they don’t work or help. This is a long process. Stick with it. ❤

Tip #1: Give yourself some space.


  • Whenever you love someone (significant other, family, friends) you spend time with them. Therefore, you need to spend time with yourself. For every 2-3 activities I plan with my friends/boyfriend/whatever, I designate time I know I can spend alone. Try treating yourself like you treat your friends. Make plans with yourself, stick to them, and enjoy. It’s crucial to have this quality time.
  • You don’t need an entire day or a lot of money to do this. Sometimes, I like to go out by myself and get my nails done (which obviously requires money), but other days I spend an afternoon watching my favorite show, reading a book, going to a nearby lake (I go to the one pictured above), or going for a drive. Even a short 10 minute ride around the block qualifies as “me time”. I know life can get busy especially for students, moms and dads, and people who work, but if at all possible, try to set aside a few minutes for yourself.

Tip #2 Uncover who you truly are.


  • Whenever you start dating someone, you get to know them by asking questions. In order to get to know and love yourself, you need to do the same. In order to do this, I use a list of writing prompts that can be found here. This blogger has some amazing posts that talk about self-love, but I’m obsessed with this specific one. Some of these prompts include “What positive character traits do you have?”, “Who appreciates you?” and more. I also use a list of questions that can be found here. This writer has compiled a list of deep, thought-provoking questions that will help you get to know yourself better. (Just to be clear, I do not own any of their content, I just love using their lists and thought I would pass it along. 🙂 )
  • During the alone time I mentioned before, I grab my journal and tackle either one of the prompts or one of the questions. It might seem weird or even strange to ask yourself these questions. But I promise you, this works wonders.

Tip #3 Do something you love.


  • One thing I absolutely love doing is abstract art. I’m definitely not a professional, but there is nothing better than turning a blank canvas into something special. Whenever I feel stressed, depressed, or anxious, I know it’s time for a new painting. After a few hours or even a few days spent doing what I love, I feel a million times better. Something about being able to see my passion and my love on a canvas, makes me appreciate myself so much more.
  • Find what you love doing. Maybe it’s art, a sport, singing, writing, etc. Whatever it is, spend a few hours doing it. Whenever you date someone, you spend time doing what the other one likes to do, or what you like to do. Treat yourself the same way.

Tip #4 Talk with your friends.


  • A while back, I thought it would be a great idea to get a group of girls together and have weekly discussions about self-love. I think it’d be helpful for us to get together and tackle one of the writing prompts (mentioned earlier) each week. Feel free to take this idea and use it with your own friend group!
  • In general, it’s important to talk to your friends about this topic. I can almost guarantee that you aren’t the only person in your friend group struggling with self-love. Talk to your friends, find out what works for them, share your tips with them. Learn to love yourself through loving others.


I hope at least one of these tricks works for you! These are just a few of my go-to’s that I love. Let me know if they work or if you have any tricks of your own. If nothing is working, don’t get frustrated. Just like in relationships, love doesn’t happen over night. It’s a journey.

This wraps up my three-part series on self-love! I hope you all have enjoyed. Check out my other posts in this series. Share with your friends and let me know what you think!

Remember that you are loved and you belong in this world.

Enjoy your week,

Taylor ❤

Picture By: Taylor Dotson

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